Tuesday, July 24, 2012

viva las vegas

this handsome guy just left to serve a two year mission in chile! 

his farewell was in vegas so everyone traveled from california and utah
to get together for the weekend and see him speak.

we attempted to take a picture of all the cousins there...
it didn't turn out but kind of sums us up perfectly.

 [the girls!]

all i wanted to do was find a slot machine you pull—surprisingly hard to find!
but we found one and i won two whole dollars!

[very excited about my winnings]

and of course i loved getting to see this little baby.
miss her so much and love that we got to spend a few hours together! 

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  1. Your whole family is gorgeous - so not fair you guys got all the good genes! And can I say that Hannah's hand in the first cousin shot is hilarious??