Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm here and alive! I have lots to tell everyone about already but it's late and I start work in the morning...yikes! So to tide you over until then, here are two pictures from my phone:

The first is my little room that I affectionately call the shoe box because it is so teeny tiny! But I love it. Please take note of the PLASTIC mattress. Yep, you read that right. Plastic. And it's not a cover. This was literally the second I walked in to the room. I had to document its tiny-ness.

Now take a second and imagine this: Close your eyes and then walk two steps out of my work building and turn your head to the right. Open your eyes and this is exactly what you will see! Pretty crazy, right?

More updates to come!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Let the countdown begin!
Just 13 days until I leave for New York to pretend I'm a grown up for 8 weeks!

So I that means I have 13 (well, more like 11 or 12) days to...Finish 3 final projects, present research findings to one client, study for and take a humanities exam (while drinking the right amounts of Mountain Dew, Smart Water and Vitamin Water to get me through that), clean out my locker, make it to my last three group meetings, write 10 thank you donor letters, say bye for the summer to my amazing family and friends, clean my apartment, pack up all of my stuff and move it to a storage unit, rent that storage unit, find a place to live next year....if I feel like it, buy work pants, email like 100 people, drive home to California, get my hair done and visit with Kenz, watch a rugby playoff game...in SanDiego, say goodbye to my California family, visit people I've promised to see, pack for New York, buy a subway pass, find out my new address so I know where to go, order my books, make at least 15 lists of things I shouldn't forget.. and probably a few more things I am forgetting since I haven't made those lists yet.
Easy, breezy.
Even with all of that I think this will be the least stressful finals week in the history of finals weeks so I say,
bring it on! I am ready to stop talking about New York and for it to finally be here!

And for those who asked, here's where I'll be...look how close to Times Square!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conference Weekend

I know, it's been a while. But don't worry...you haven't missed much! There's less than a month left of school which means I have been busy. The plus side of my major is that I don't usually have final exams, which I hate! The down side? I have a huge project in every class instead. I don't mind actually, it's just very time consuming. But the good news is that I took a little break this weekend so I actually have something to write about!

My friend, Tyler's parents were in town for conference this weekend and they took us to one of my favorite places ever! It's a restaurant up at Sundance called Foundry Grill. I don't know why but ever since I first moved to Provo I have always loved going there--especially in the winter because one wall is all windows and the snow outside is just so beautiful!

I also got to see my friend, Amber who lives in Salt Lake. She lives in the CUTEST little apartment with the most amazing view of the Salt Lake temple from her balcony. I feel like I'm on a mini vacation every time I go there...it's the best!

And then of course there was conference. Amber and I got tickets to the Saturday morning session and then walked back and watched the afternoon session at her house. I love conference! I don't think I really learned to appreciate it until I came to school and actually made the choice on my own to sit down and watch it, instead of it being something I had to do because mom said so. Man, was I missing out! And conference on Easter? So good!

I am proud to announce that this conference is the very first time that I watched all four sessions without even nodding off once! That is quite an accomplishment, in case you were wondering.

Oh yeah, and just one other tiny little detail......

I ran into Hermana Taylor!! Isn't she cute! It was the greatest thing ever! I was so excited and happy to see her that I could barely stand it! Her espanol is out of control and she is so happy..it was great to see! Amber and I got to spend some time with her and her companion. They left their tickets to the afternoon session at home so we took them to get them. I miss her so much but she's so happy and excited about what she's doing that it's hard to be too sad.

Ok, the first picture is her and her current companion and the second is her with the hermana that will be her new companion starting this Wednesday or Thursday. And there's just one with a few of the hermanas. They were all so cute! They hugged me when they met me and when they left.

And maybe I saw her again after the second session.
[note to people who think I'm bad for doing that: her mission president gave all of the elders and sisters permission to see their friends and family who were at conference. There was no rule-breaking going on, just so we're clear]