Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Third week as juror #3

Today I started my third week of jury duty. Yes, THIRD. You would think I was on a murder case or something exciting like that but really it's just a bunch of stubborn men who can't agree on anything so we have to make their decisions for them. Seriously. Once it's over and I can tell you all about it you won't believe they kept me on the jury.

I was a little grumpy about the possibility of being involved in a trial that could go until November 22nd but I have actually enjoyed most of it. It's interesting to see how it all works. I kind of feel like we're celebrities because whenever we walk in the courtroom everyone jumps out of their chairs and stands until we're all seated. I think that may have gone to some of our heads. And even though I am the youngest juror by many years, we all get along perfectly. Our bailiff, Frank, (who we also love because he tells us jokes) says that he hasn't seen any other group of jurors who get along like we do. They even took me out to lunch on my birthday!

We're hoping that if all goes smoothly we'll be deliberating by Thursday at the latest. Of course, that depends on whether or not the world's most ridiculous lawyer can contain his lengthy questions. If not, one of these days my pen is going to fly across the room and flick him in the forehead. It's bound to happen if it goes on too long because I have been holding myself back for two weeks now. Hopefully I'll last a few more days so we can wrap this thing up!