Wednesday, July 25, 2012

oops, i forgot a visitor

this happened...

a little over a week ago now now, 
chad came into town and we headed to san diego for comic con. 
i know what you're thinking. 
and you're half right. 

one day i was sitting, watching all the costumes pass me by 
and a student from japan asked if i had 2-3 minutes for him to draw a picture of me.
he had to draw 100 faces for homework and i was #8.
this really only took him about 2 minutes!
chad said i look evil or like i'm up to something--
 but i seriously do that with my eyebrow when i feel uncomfortable. 
and the best thing about comic con, you ask? 
definitely the scratch i got on my face from a lightsaber.
no joke!
i was so proud of it because, really... of course it would be a lightsaber. it's comic con!
i wish i thought to take a picture--it finally cleared up just this week.

this was bad of me but i had been sending chad pictures of this cute little lady 
from a puppy store for a few weeks before he came out.
so of course we had to pay her a visit as soon as he came into town.
 they fell in love.

 she doesn't look too happy to be with me but she sure loved chad. 
i think i had him convinced she called him dad.

any 500 days of summer fans out there?
we both loved the movie and when i asked chad what he wanted to do in la this was his first pick.
i don't know why i had never thought of it! 
at the bottom of the sign it says july, 17, 2009...
we were there exactly three years from the day they filmed there. 


we turned around to see if someone was around to take a picture of us
only to see a stranger already taking one...strange.
but convenient!

as always we were bad at taking pictures but let it be known...
amazing nerdy costumes were spotted, 
after two years of discussing the amazing spiderman was seen, 
the katy perry movie was watched, willingly by all parties,
bad pop music was listened to all week,
ucb theater was visited,
and i ate like a boy for a week.


  1. I love the drawing of you!
    also, your posts are becoming more like poetic stories, so keep up the good work!!
    and, i really am jealous you went to comi con- i can't even IMAGINE the people watching that i could do there!

  2. I Love this post, the drawing is so you...can't believe that kid had to draw 100!! I love the bench pic, wish I could have seen your face walking around at comic con haha! Looks like such a fun time!!!