Monday, October 22, 2012

getting things done

a few weeks ago i decided that once a week i was either going to 
1. actually make or do something i pin on pinterest, 
2. complete a project i have been needing or wanting to do. 
it has been three weeks now and so far, so good!
i haven't done any big projects yet 
but i am at least crossing off things i have been meaning to do for a while now.
plus it will give me something to post on this poor little neglected blog. 

so i give you weeks 1 through 3

week 1: box of sunshine 

i found this idea on pinterest a few months back and have wanted to do it since. one morning i woke up and remembered i had a dream that i sent a 'box of sunshine' to my friend, sean, who is serving a mission in las vegas. so i decided it was the perfect project to start with, and set off to target to find some fun yellow things to fill his box with. 

week 2: rose gold phone cover 

i got a new phone [which i love] a few months back but i have been so picky about looking for a phone cover that i dropped it before i could get one. so i decided since i couldn't find one i liked, i would make one. i bought a plain ugly cover and painted it with some martha stewart rose gold paint and rose gold glitter paint on top. i love it!

week 3: pumpkin cinnamon rolls

[please excuse all the photos but i had to have proof i was actually successful]

if you saw my 'make & bake' pinterest board you would notice that most of what i have pinned have one thing in common: pumpkin. i have been waiting for october to come just so i could try out all of these recipes! first on my list were the pumpkin cinnamon rolls. i'll be honest...i don't always have the best of luck on the baking department so i wasn't expecting much. but i was pleasantly surprised that when i was done they resembled actual cinnamon rolls and they tasted even better than i thought they would, if i do say so myself! i even got a little adventurous and switched the recipe up a bit.