Friday, July 20, 2012


we have had some fun visitors the last few weeks. 
mah baby sister and cute little cousins came to play for a few days and we had a blast!  

[a few pictures of the highlights to help me get all caught up on the blogging quickly!]

 first stop was 'mormon night' at dodger staduim-- we love our doyers!
[cute boys]

  since it was a friday there were fireworks after the game.
nothing is more patriotic than baseball and 


we camped out on the beach all day on the 4th of july and cooked hotdogs and made smores. so fun!

and last, but not least--our little baby sam turned 18! 18 i say!

and then we ended our fun with a trip to vegas...
next post!


  1. Haha, tease!
    But I loved the pics of the beach, the dodgers... I miss ca

  2. LOVE the combo of baseball and fireworks, makes you so proud to be American :) haha love the post! love the pictures!