Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Did you have a happy Valentine's Day? Because I did. Of course I missed being away from my familia but I had lots of other people I love to spend the day with.

For example...
I was specifically requested to sit next to this dashing young man at dinner. Our Valentine's Thanksgiving dinner to be exact. Am I a lucky girl or what?!

And the girls also got an oyster in a can. It was actually really cool and I only gagged once (for those of you who are aware of my gag reflexes, you will know that is quite an accomplishment). They came in a little tuna-like can with some water in it that we opened and then inside each oyster was a pearl. We had a little card that showed us the possible colors and what each meant. Everyone but me got cream which means "happiness". What did I get you ask? White. which means "Innocence". Hmm. We realized half-way into the pearl searching that we should be documenting the event so here are a few low-quality pictures from my phone.
Thanks Melendi!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi. My name is Emily and I'm a
Criminal Minds-oholic
It doesn't help that there are nightly marathons that go into the wee hours of the morning. And the fact that they start one episode right after the other-without a commercial break in between-is not good either (in fact, it should probably be illegal). Every night my roommate and I make sure our door is locked and bolted and then we turn the TV to channel 50.

My dad asked me how we can go to bed after watching such a disturbing show. And although sometimes we have to change the channel because we get too scared, when our other roommates walk in the door we jump and we double and triple-check the locks on our door, the answer is quite simple...

Dr. Spencer Reid
We argue over who loves him the most. Though I am obviously biased, I am pretty sure I win.