Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely things I have done.
In no particular order.
Here we go.

Sean came from New Jersey to visit! I just love him! We decided to be a little adventurous and go to a rooftop party and vintage flea market that he had heard about. It was the cutest.

As you can see it was a little breezy but here we are on the roof.

My friend, Lauren had a birthday! We celebrated. a lot. We took a little trip to the Upper East Side and went to FAO Schwarz and played on the giant piano, Patsy's Pizza place which is de.licious, Dylan's Candy Bar and The Plaza. The after party was at the I House.

[No jokes about my lack of air on the piano por favor. You should all be impressed I even did it in the first place!]

We saw Iron Man 2 the day it came out. It was all great except for the strange man I got stuck sitting next to. Look closely and you can see him. I think I spent the second half of the movie practically sitting on Chad because he kept touching my leg.

We also went to the NY Philharmonic which was amazing. The music was beautiful. The only problem was that the lights were dim and we had all just come from work. Other than that it was great. There are other pictures from this night floating around somewhere. If I find them I will add them later.

Special thanks to Lauren for blogging first so I can steal all of these pictures from her

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So much for my weekly updates! Things just keep getting busier and busier but I guess that's a good thing. So much has happened that I can't remember the order of anything. So I will just start writing about things as I remember them until I can catch up a little bit.

Somewhere between now and the last post I have made the transition from tourist to annoyed New Yorker as I walk down the street on my way to work. When people stop right in front of me without any notice to take a picture of who knows what, I'm just not as patient as I used to be. I was laughing with a friend about it yesterday because we are now annoyed with the people we were about a week ago. It's really kind of ridiculous if you think about it.

She sent me this picture today. This is a genius solution to our little problem
and. pictures aren't loading so this is all you get for now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

So I have this little crush. His name is Andy.


Maybe you've heard of him before.

Monday, May 3, 2010

One week down

I have officially been here a week! I can't believe it...sometimes it feels like it has only been a day or two and others it feels like I have been here forever! I have been so busy I've put off writing this post at least 10 times which I am now regretting because 1-I have a lot of catching up to do and 2-I am going to forget a lot.

My first official day here was Tuesday, the 27th. I woke up and opened my blinds and couldn't believe that I woke up as a NYC resident. Crazy! We had a little orientation meeting where we found out about the I-house and then a group of us decided to go out and do a little exploring. We visited some of our internship buildings and wandered around a bit. We even got to go watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at the Rockefeller was pretty fun! I didn't really know anyone that came to New York but I have been lucky and have met a lot of fun, nice people.

Monday was the first day of my internship! Yikes! [I refer to it as my first day pretending to be a grown up]. I took the subway and walked up to my building and wasn't nervous a bit until I walked up to those big revolving doors and had to walk in. But everyone at work is so nice and despite the fact that my first day was boring and I think they may have forgotten about me...or to tell me I could take a lunch break, I love it now!

The rest of the week was basically just us all going to work and then coming back and crashing. After the first day one kid said he was "shattered" which apparently means "tired" in England. But I think that is the best word I have found to describe it so far. Sitting in an office all day is exhausting! I've found that the more work I get, the less tired I am at the end of the day-which doesn't really make sense but I like it. My favorite thing I have done at work so far has been the conference calls that we have in our Times Square conference room. All glass windows right over Times's incredible! I love the conference calls and brainstorming meetings because it helps me get to know about all of our clients and the different accounts we are working on.

Friday night all of the BYU interns went to a Yankees game. It was pretty fun and cool to see the new field but I still love my Dodgers!

And then there was Saturday. We spent 13 hours running around the city! Yep, you read that right. For class we had 3 hours to go to as many places on a huge list that our professor gave us but we kept running into interesting things so we added to our list and before we knew it, we had gone 10 hours over! Oops!

To reward ourselves for the hard work we went to Max Brenner, a restaurant that makes their own chocolate and is known for their amazing desserts. I don't even really like chocolate and I thought it was fabulous so you know it has to be good!

We also ran into some other PR people who were here for a conference on our Saturday outing.

Sunday was fun and busy. Our ward meets at 9 a.m. which none of us were super excited about but that's all right. The BEST part of the day was getting to see one of my very favorite old roommates ever, Adrienne. We are in the same ward! I actually knew a few other people in the ward which was a fun surprise. Turns out, they [the regular ward members] actually kind of hate interns but oh well! We will just have to make them love us.

Oh and sometime during the day Saturday I battled it out with a subway door. I'm still not quite sure who won. My friend had an incident a few days before and lost his watch in the battle so now we are both always running to be the first ones on and off the might say we were a little paranoid. Post traumatic stress disorder. And while we are on the subject of subways, it has become a little game we play when we're all together on the train. We have pretty much written a whole movie script about mole people [the people that live under the subways]. I read an article about them in high school and was fascinated. I told everyone about them the first day but no one believed me so we finally found proof of their existence on Wikipedia. It might be a love story. It might be a horror film. You will just have to wait and find out.

Mole people trash.