Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Fair Warning

let me help you out.
if you see or talk to me in the next two [actually, lets say three....just to be safe] weeks, you should know a few things first.
yes, i am graduating in april
no, i do not know what i am doing after.
i would advise you to avoid the following topics:
future work plans
where i want to live
if i am excited
if i am nervous
if i am scared
where my other friends are going, etc.
and even then i cannot guarantee i won't cry at some point during our conversation.
consider yourself warned.

[just a few of the many people i will be missing]

to answer a few simple questions without having to have an actual conversation: i am graduating april 21st, i am going home for a few weeks to hang out with hannah [hooray!], i don't know what i am doing after, and i am mostly sad about having to leave all of my amazing family and friends. i know that even though this is all stressful, everything will work out in the end and i really have nothing to worry about. whatever is meant to be will be.


  1. Tear...drip, drip. (and yes, Em, I'm being serious, not sarcastic)

  2. Sorry. We had this conversation. I love you!

  3. When I come to town .....We are going to PARTY like Rockstars !!!! and celebrate LIFE

  4. To hang out with hannah.... and sam right?!a