Thursday, February 16, 2012

ed sheeran at hotel cafe

in january my dear cousin brought it to my attention that ed sheeran had an la show coming up
if you haven't heard of him, he is a british singer-songwriter
and he's amazing.
shocked that i had let such a thing go unnoticed i rushed home to buy tickets
and it was sold out. 
sold out! 

a few days later i found out he'll be touring the states with snow patrol
but my heart was still set on his smaller gig in la where he'd be headlining.

well, i lucked out and got tickets to see him
and he did not disappoint!

[here he is on stage at hotel cafe]

words can't really describe how good his show was.
he was funny and serious and loud and quiet and a million other good things all rolled into one! 
 his music [which i don't think i have gone to sleep without listening to since i discovered him]
was even better live than on his album.
and boy can that kid use a loop pedal.

i was so happy i got to see him in such a small, intimate venue instead of on tour
at one point he even came out and stood in the middle of us,
spinning around and around while he sang.

[me & ed. i think i was shocked by the flash]

so ladies and gents, the moral of this story is...
do yourself a favor and check this guy out
you won't be sorry

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