Wednesday, February 22, 2012

disney's radio rebel premiere

i started with persona pr about a month ago now and i have been loving it!
my boss wanted me to train on a red carpet so i could see what goes on and what we do,
so last week i went to the premiere of disney channel's 'radio rebel'!

i managed to snap a few low-quality phone pics of the events and borrowed one from twitter:

[debby being interviewed on the carpet. and if you look closely, my cute boss, jordyn is in the background.]

as out of control as it all seemed, 
the two other girls i work with assured me that i won for best first red carpet experience.

['radio rebel' cake at the after party.]

after the movie there was an after party at universal city walk. 
it was pretty funny because it was mostly kids
which means i had popcorn, ice cream and pizza for dinner.
it made me realize i am not as young as i used to be because i was so sick by the end of the night!

[the cutting of the cake!]

they finally cut the cake at the end of the night 
and i managed to hobble out to my car after 6+ hours in heels.
i don't know how all those disney kids did it
with much more grace than i managed!

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