Wednesday, January 4, 2012

playing catch up

I know you're all just dying to hear more about my jury duty experience but first, I have to play catch up to my catch up.

I went to Utah and got to see this beautiful lady at Neena's wedding! Jann was a bridesmaid, made Neena's wedding dress, and threw some fabulous wedding decorations together at the last minute. What doesn't that girl do?

We fed goats and I kissed a horse. I also discovered I am in fact allergic to goats. Can't say I was too heartbroken over that one. I loved being in Utah and being able to spend time with some of my very favorite girls!

As soon as I got back from Utah Chad came to LA to shoot his first two commercials. Exciting, right? You can see them here and here. While he was in town we went to the UCB Theater (one of our NYC favorites) where we got to see Ben Schwartz, who some of you may know as Jean-Ralphio.

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